Desk -top Waste Plastic Oiling System


Capacity 0.7〜1.0kg/time
Recycle Ratio More than 80%(3h/time)*
Main Body Dimention 560(W)×320(D)×500(H)mm
Weight Approx. 50kg
Power Source AC100V/Max. 14A
Running Cost 1KW/h (Only as a guide)
Feature   ・Realtime Recycling.
  ・Simple Operation
  ・Compact and Mobile!
  ・Standard Outlet Powered!
  ・Off-gas is decomposed into harmless H2O and CO2!
*It fluctuates due to the kind of plastic

Moving picture

TOP Result of Plastic-to-oil Experiment

TOP Experiment of convert Household Plastic waste to oil

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