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Desk – top Waste Plastic Oiling System Be-j

CAPACITY 0.7~1.0kg/time
RECYCLE RATIO More than 80%(3h/time)
*It fluctuates due to the kind of plastic
MAIN BODY DIMENSION 560(W)×320(D)×500(H)mm
WEIGHT Approx. 50kg
RUNNING COST 1KW/h (Only as a guide)
FEATURE ・Realtime Recycling
・Simple Operation
・Compact and Mobile!
・Standard Outlet Powered!
・Off-gas is decomposed into harmless H2O and CO2!

Experiment of convert Household Plastic waste to oil

1, Desk-top Waste Plastic Oiling System Be-j

The examination is made by using this Be-j.

2, Household Plastic waste

There are Plastic garbage of food wrapping bags and plastic bags(PP, PE), etc… Household plastics waste, such as food wrapping bags, plastic bags and so on, are converted to oil.

3, Loading into the Be-j

Load household plastics waste into the reactor of Be-h.

4, Operating

Operating time is three hours and half. Oil will begin to be generated in about one hour.

5, Oil

286g/380ml oil are generated. 400g household plastics waste are converted oil

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